Dirty Tony - Damon Andros Fucks Chance Summerlin

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Description: When Chance Summerlin told me what a submissive bottom whore he was, the first thing that popped into my mind was how hot it would be to see him dominated by pig top Damon Andros. From the moment these two met, the chemistry was intense. I barely had a chance to turn the cameras on before the boys were all over each other. Chance immediately drops to his knees to service his daddy stud. As he’s working on Damon’s cock, he takes some time to lick the sweat off his balls and tilts his head back to receive a few spit wads along the way. Eagerly, he sucks, pausing every once in awhile to look up to receive approval from his master. When Damon peels off his pants, Chance is rock-hard with excitement. Sucking cock isn’t Chance’s only oral skill. So Damon let’s him clean his hairy hole with his tongue. Chance, always the obedient pup, laps up his crack. Damon’s good and turned on and wants a taste of the boyhole he’s about to command. With Chance doubled over on the couch, Damon slides a finger in, then leans back and spits on it a few times before diving his face in deep. With only spit for lube, Damon stands and guides his rod into Chance’s waiting chasm. Chance greedily takes every inch, encouraging his daddy to give him more. Chance wants to be fucked like a bitch dog. So he spins around and grabs both cheeks to open up his hole for his top. “Please, daddy, fuck me”, he pleads. Damon is only too happy to oblige, spitting on his back as he owns his rectum. Tingling with excitement from the penetration he’s been enjoying, he turns around quickly to clean off daddy’s cock before going back for more from behind. Finally, Chance lays on his back so that Damon can jackhammer his hole from above, driving his pole deep into his boy’s hole. Every once in awhile, he pulls out and spits into the open pit before plunging back in deeper. All of this is too much for Chance and he blows his load into his own mouth and all over his chest. Damon continues using his hole until he’s had enough and is ready to unload. Just in time, he pulls out and sprays several gobs of pearlescent man juice onto Chance’s freshly opened manhole. As a final reward to his boy, he pushes his seed into his ass before bringing him upright to bask in the afterglow. To finish the deed, Chance climbs off and cleans his daddy’s dick one more time.