RopedStuds - Wyatt part 10

Duration: 19:48 Views: 15 Submitted: 4 weeks ago
Description: “You’re nothing but a dog, Wyatt!” Master Jared tells his latest sex slave, Wyatt. The boy is bent over, his wrists cuffed to his ankles. His cock and balls are roped to the ceiling, forcing him to bend over. Jared gets his slave up on all fours, his butt perched out and ready, his dick good and hard. Jared brutally spanks the boy with a studded strap, making him whimper. Then he makes Wyatt perform tricks like a dog, before fucking him extra-hard with a cold-steel dildo. “Oh, sir! Oh fuck!” the boy moans as he’s fucked. Jared even makes him look in the camera and ask if he’s pleasing us! “Please, sir, let me cum!” the boy moans as he’s fucked on camera. So Jared jerks off his little doggie while fucking his ass. Oh yeah.